Thank you for your support! Hope is not lost.

The faculty Association is contesting these layoffs through the grievance process, and all 10 are on their way to arbitration. We feel we have a strong case to get these jobs back, but we may need you in the days to come. Please check back frequently to see updates.

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What happens now?
Our community deserves a robust and diverse course selection, and high quality, accessible instructors in ALL fields. We are moving forward with our grievance and will continue to examine our options and alternatives as we move forward. We will keep you posted.
What is a grievance?
A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by an employee towards an employer within the workplace. In doing so, we start a procedural timeline that allows for informal discussions, settlements, and potential formal proceedings involving arbitration in court.
What do I do now?
We are grateful for the extraordinary support we have had from faculty members, students, alumni, and the community. Without that support, the college might never have engaged in these discussions, and likely more would have been let go. That is the power in public advocacy! We welcome the communities advocacy, if you have ideas for partnerships or expansions we’d like to hear them. If you have questions for the board regarding their decision-- they owe you an answer. Registration for summer and fall is already underway, encourage the education seekers in your lives to enroll, let them see how vibrant and necessary our campus can be.
How long will this take?
The cuts go into effect October 5th. Between now and then, we’ll be working to review our case and our concerns. If you haven’t had a chance to sign the petition, please do so. If you haven’t had a chance to speak to the board, please email them --it takes but a moment and will have profound and lasting effects on this community.
I'm just one person, will I really make a difference?
YES! Together we’ve already made a difference, and there is still much we can accomplish. Show the Board what this community values share this page on your social media, continue talking about this issue. We need your help, we're fighting for you, for the future for BMCC, for all of us!

See for yourself

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Support the STEM Fields

There are limits to part time instruction which will result in more revenue loss.

After the Vote

What happens now?  

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Community Members Speak Out

As BMCC proceeds with the proposed cuts community members rally.

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Feeling out of the loop?  Start here for a summary of events.

Balancing the Budget and Consequence

BMCC budget committee asks some important questions.

Who are the Admin?

What college administrators do and do we really need them?

From the Community

"Many of the professors at BMCC enriched my life and opened my eyes to the world in ways I had never previously imagined. The professors are what make the school what it is. if we are going to cut funding, might I suggest currting an overpaid administrator position?"
Anthony Goad
"It is sad to see the direction of BMCC. I would like to advocate a solution to keep staff at BMCC so that our students from Boardman, Oregon, and Riverside High school have a broad opportunity for education."
Paul Keefer / Boardman Mayor
"These cuts are a disgusting travesty and an example of the WORST kind of profits over people. We need educational opportunities in our area to help our communities thrive. If we don't act now, we risk the worst regional economic depression we have ever seen."
Tammy Fisher
"I loved going to BMCC. I started at 50. I took every course I could. It was an amazing experience. I was ASG president. The oldest one I know of. The instructors were awesome. I would still be taking classes if there was any left I had not taken. They allowed me to tutor. Because of all the instructors, I managed to stay on the dean's list. I graduated and went on to Eastern Oregon University and managed to make A grades. That was all because of the BMCC instructors. They were the best."
Marsha Page
"Firing educators fosters bad faith and mistrust, sending a message that the very people who dedicated themselves to improving the lives of everyone in the community, don't matter. I can't think of a better way to dissolve a sense of community, public trust, and respect for public service."
"BMCC is a community college and belongs to the community and the students. The school curriculum and faculty have been butchered for the last 20 years and it is a shadow of its former self. Community colleges should be growing- not being cut beyond recovery."
Christine Ogilvie
"They are cutting the things students love because they don't see the value of a transfer degree in rural Oregon. I don't accept that. Our students deserve to dream and actualize those goals."
Sascha McKeon / BMCC Faculty
"Many first and second year college students are uncertain about the educational path they will ultimately pursue. Community colleges often serve as a bridge, but if that bridge doesn’t include a connection to four year institutions, much of value of the community college is lost. BMCC’s geographic location makes the bridge even more critical. "
Jeff Overson
"I pay taxes for this college and I expect that there will be funding for quality programs and instruction. The more they cut, the less students will attend."
Merril James

How you can help!