How many administrators are necessary?

Great question.  Back in 2012, BMCC had just 2 administrators: the VP of instruction and the President.  Flash forward 10 years, and despite the student population declining and faculty cuts, there are now 5 administrators: 3 deans (one to oversee student success, one to oversee the transfer program, and one for career technical) who all report to the VP of instruction, and the President.  The interesting thing about the administrative bloat in higher education is that they are largely unnecessary, and it's unclear what they are actually doing. What value do they really bring?  See the Forbes Article Bureaucrats and Buildings for more.

The new BMCC Budget for 2022-2023 even identifies the need for MORE administrators, suggesting expenses for a new Dean of Student Affairs and an Institutional Research and Planning Director.  Are these wise investments on a limited budget?  Will they enhance or enrich the student experience?  Data suggests not. Strong evidence suggests expensive administrative staff are not succeeding in their role on college campuses.  Rather it is the faculty, who students regard as central to their collegiate experience. See Abram’s Article Professors Not Administrators for more information.