Write to the BMCC Board

Anyone can write to the BMCC Board members.

The 7 members of the board are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of BMCC, and preserve this institution for those in our community.  Given recent events, if you are concerned with the direction BMCC Administrators are taking this educational resource, please write to the board.  You don’t have to do anything fancy, it’s often best to begin by introducing yourself and explaining why you are about BMCC and these cuts.  Make the case for why you care about these programs and your vision for preserving these offerings.

Basic Guidelines and Tips:

  1. Be direct. State your subject clearly in the email subject line or first sentence of the letter.
  2. Be informative. Identify yourself as a community member
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Be factual & courteous.
  5. Be constructive.
  6. Be specific.
  7. Be appreciative.  These are our community members and have volunteered their time to serve on this board.
  8. Conclude with a “call to action”.  What are you asking the board to do?

Sample Letter:

Dear BMCC Board Members, I am concerned about the proposed faculty cuts.  As a community member and parent, it is my hope that BMCC can be a bridge for my children to their 4 year degree, offering them robust and comprehensive classes at a fraction of the price.  I want to see my children test the waters of their academic journey in the smaller classes, where they have a chance to shine.  I want my children to be exposed to new ideas, higher thinking, and a variety of courses so that they can find their true passion and vocation in life.  I believe that experienced instructors are KEY to that cause.  The instructors at BMCC have been long standing community members, my children look up to them, my children relate to them, they see their successes as potential reflections of their own.  I appreciate the difficult position the board and administration must be in given the pandemic, and changes in enrollment, but there will always be new students and we need to keep our instructors (all of them) if we want BMCC to remain a students first facility.  Please vote NO to retrenchment.

The board’s email addresses are

Kim Puzey <kimpuzey@uci.net>

Abe Currin <acurrin80@gmail.com>

Jane Hill <gorgerunner@gmail.com>

Chris Brown <chrisbrown46@hotmail.com>

Bill Markgraf <wmarkgraf.construction@gmail.com>

Don Rice <don.rice.dr56@gmail.com>

Kent Madison <kmadison@eoni.com>

Please CC the following people on any letter to the board

Shannon Franklin <SFranklin@bluecc.edu>

Mark Browning <MBrowning@bluecc.edu>

Pete Hernberg <petehern@yahoo.com>

If you have an email client set up, this link might work for you:

Email the Board

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