The administration has canceled Majors level Chemistry courses, if we don’t act now, they may never be offered by BMCC again.

The administration laid off 5 full-time instructors, among them was dedicated Chemist Dr. Kunapareddy, who for the past 6 years has put students first by helping students to succeed in a difficult and often intimidating discipline, his students even perform above the national science average.  We want to honor those efforts and preserve them for future timberwolves who will need his experience to progress in their fields of study.

Majors level science is required for ANY STEM degree, whether that is forestry and wildlife, biology, pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy. You name it, they want at least one term of 200 level Chemistry, most fields require a year.  If we cannot offer this at BMCC by our own qualified faculty, the alternative is to take this class/sequence through EOU or OSU (online and at 3x the cost!), which is not “Student’s first”.

If you have ever considered going to school to pursue a degree in a STEM field, or thought I'd like to be a doctor, pharmacist, or researcher NOW IS THE TIME!  We need to show the Office of Instruction of Blue Mountain Community College that there is value in offering Majors level Chemistry and to reconsider this cut.

The Faculty Association has reached out numerous times explaining the need to offer CH221 this fall, but without the promise of a “full class” the Office of Instruction won’t even offer it.  What can you do to change this?  Commit to taking this class if it is offered this Fall by sending the VP of Instruction Mr. John Fields the following email.  Simply copy and amend your name and student status.

Send email to:

Dear VP of Instruction. My name is [insert here], and I am a [student at/prospective student of] BMCC. I noticed there are no Majors level chemistry classes offered this upcoming year and now I am uncertain about my future at BMCC. There is no alternative course for Majors level Chemistry. If I do not complete this sequence when I transfer next year, I will be a full year behind. If you offer CH221 this fall, I will register for that course and stay to finish my transfer degree. Please let me know the moment this class is offered.

Spread the word.  In the meantime look for Science Faculty at the Pendleton Farmer’s market starting in August as part of a Science Recruitment event!