BMCC administration claims there have been no faculty losses and nowhere else to cut.

In the past 10 years, faculty have been halved.  While not outright “cut” these positions have sat vacant, or unadvertised for years, and the effect is the same.  Less faculty to support a large body of students.

In 2012 there were over 50 full-time instructors and close to 200 part-time, being overseen by 2 administrators, for a 27.5 faculty to 1 administrator ratio.  Despite student, enrollments decreasing, and the number of faculty positions being closed or unfiled upon retirement, resulting in half the faculty staff, the number of administrators doubled in 2017.  Given this restructuring, and in addition to another 2 deans, the resulting ratio was 8.75 faculty to 1 administrator.

The college is proposing faculty cuts ONLY, and makes no mention of restructuring the Office of Instruction.  If student enrollment is being cited as the metric for these layoffs, why does it affect some of the most popular classes and instructors?  After these cuts, the ratio of faculty to the administrator will be 6 instructors to 1 dean.  Therefore is it necessary to maintain the same volume of administrators?  Or add new administrative positions at this time?  The proposed budget that is driving these faculty layoffs is prioritizing anything and everything over quality instructors who are the foundation of this institution.

Meanwhile, those few remaining faculty will be tasked to take on even more.  The faculty-to-student ratio is 75:1 presently, and after these cuts, will increase to 104 students per full-time faculty member.  How are the faculty expected and able to advise and support 12x the number of individuals the administrators are?