BMCC administration claims the faculty cost too much to support.

A comparison between the average faculty salary at BMCC and the other 16 community Colleges in Oregon demonstrates that the FT faculty at BMCC receive an average amount.

Further analysis demonstrates the faculty expense per full time equivalent (FTE) is also comparable across the 16 other community colleges.  Demonstrating that for it’s size, BMCC faculty are only adequately compensated.

What stands out to me MORE is the almost DOUBLED expense (compared to the average) on “other core expenses”.  Administration has said these are “one time expenses”, but there appears to be a history of these one time expenses going back 2 years now.

Let’s take a look at the changes in staffing and enrollments.  Over the last 10 years enrollments have dropped, but most noticeably as a result of the COVID pandemic.  While full time and part time instructors have declined to reflect this, the number of administrators continues to climb?  If there are less people overall on campus-- why is the administration expanding?  More importantly, full time faculty have already been halved-- isn’t this enough?  At what point will the foundation of the college be eroded?  Have we already exceeded that point?